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Solaris Aisling (Alpha Demo)

A puzzle-platformer about a girl with the power to change the properties of various objects using a magic paintbrush. · By Etherlight


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Recent updates

Many changes and upgrades!
It's been 6 months since the last major upgrade, we gathered all the feedback from many people and we've been working hard on fixing bugs, changing mechanics an...
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Update 5.1a is here and we have an announcement to make!
We've changed 3 major things on the game! First, we've added fullscreen compatibility, we hope this will make the game more enjoyable for many people since win...
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Version 4.9a Update! Drone and Trees.
We've upgraded the Demo based on some of your suggestions and now the elevator drone mechanic works like a switch, instead of waiting to select the elevation an...
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Hello Internet!
Hello everybody! After almost 6 months in development, we finally have a playable alpha and we made a special demo level for everyone to test and give us feedba...
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