Version 4.9a Update! Drone and Trees.

We've upgraded the Demo based on some of your suggestions and now the elevator drone mechanic works like a switch, instead of waiting to select the elevation and waiting for the drone to return, now works with just a click. The drone still goes upward (left click or RT) and downward (right click or LT) automatically but now it won't stop until reaching it's limit or clicking again on it. This is gonna make the mechanic less frustrating and speed up the gameplay.

We also changed the background trees to more detailed pine trees, now the background style goes along better with the rest of the art style.

We made other minor fixes:

- Fixed player animation transitions when pushing boxes.

- Fixed E button display on box.

- Fixed bug in which Rini jumps infinitely on right side of walls.

- Fixed platforming when Rini stands on edges.

- Fixed sound effects not playing sometimes.


Solaris Aisling 4.9a Demo (Windows).rar 17 MB
Dec 05, 2017
Solaris Aisling 4.9a Demo (OSX).zip 25 MB
Dec 05, 2017

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